Thursday, February 24, 2011

Damai Pro Pond @ JB

Wifey and me have not been fishing for some time and Thomas suggest going to JB Damai Pro Pond aka GT Pond to kill some itch. So we book the Pro Pond on 23 Feb 2011 from 9am to 12am.

Kaki: Dennis, Thomas, Nicole, Wifey and me

Rods: PE1 to PE3 and PE2 to PE4

Reels: Stradic 4000 and Twinpower SW4000

Baits: Milkfish (have to buy from spore) and Live Prawns (sold at pond for RM 0.70 each)

Damage : RM 450 for 3hr

After we bought our milkfish from Sincer we had our breakfast at Taman Garden as usual.

After our breakfast we head to Damai.

Before going in to the pro pond, we make our payment and bought 15 live prawns @ RM15

1 thing i cannot understand is when we are setting up our gear, the owner start feeding the fish in the pond. Can anyone tell me why he is doing that?

1st catch was landed within 20min, have a good fright with this guy.

What a good start we had, but after that, for the next 1hr there is no bite at all.

2nd catch was by my wifey

3rd catch of the day

Thomas cast the milkfish near to the pump area and park his rod, all of a sudden, he saw his rod was bending. Fish ON...

After Thomas catch, we ended our day at Damai Pro Pond. So disapointed with the catch rate, total landed 4pcs and 2 zero frighter. ZZzzZz

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  1. Hi, Can you guide me how to drive there from woodland checkpoint,thanks
    Ronald Erh